UNICEF Request for expression of Interest (REOI) for Open Source Te…

UNICEF Request for expression of Interest (REOI) for Open Source Technology Solutions for children

In hope that upload filters are not yet engaged, I quote quite extensively from above link:

UNICEF invites expressions of interest to receive funding from the UNICEF Innovation Fund (IF). The Fund provides investment-style funding for early-stage, open source technology solutions that address the most pressing challenges faced by children and young people. The core motivation of the IF is to identify "clusters" or portfolios of initiatives around emerging technology, so that UNICEF can both shape markets and also learn about and guide these technologies to benefit children.

We invest in solutions clustered around $100billion industries in frontier technology spaces, such as: blockchain, UAVs, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. Our funding is not necessarily limited to the above. We are interested in companies that apply tech in new, groundbreaking, ways that are scalable and globally applicable. If you are aligned with our general criteria, we want to hear from you.

#FreeSoftware #REOI #UNICEF #OpenSource #education #children

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