#Question to #Diaspora: What’s the best way to link to another post…

#Question to #Diaspora:

What's the best way to link to another posting?

The URL of my last posting that's shown to me is:
* https://pod.geraspora.de/posts/6264651
while from a different pod (e.g. cryptospra) it looks
* https://cryptospora.net/posts/1723761

I recently learned that each post or comment gets a "guid" which can be obtained by adding ".json" at the end of the URL. The different numbers at the end of the links above can be replaced by it and will still work:
* https://pod.geraspora.de/posts/3dd36cd01209013582064860008dbc6c
* https://cryptospora.net/posts/3dd36cd01209013582064860008dbc6c

Though, I guess this will not work on pods that haven't received this posting yet, will it?

In that mentioned post, I tried referring to another posting with:

[public records system](./posts/42e20870e4b90134d8e90242ac110007)

which works for me but not on another pod (there will be another "posts/" added) and this will also not translate to a link in the wordpress plug-in as the "http" is missing.

I could just use the full URL of the pod I'm on but this would not allow readers from other pods to act (like, reshare, comment) on the post I am referring to.

Is there a perfect way to do it?