#iloveFS A big Thank You to all #OpenWRT developers!

#iloveFS A big Thank You to all #OpenWRT developers!

For this years "I love Free Software Day I decided to express my gratitude to OpenWRT, a free firmware/OS for routers. It runs on almost any hardware, recently even on a 9$ Wifi SDcard reader which may be used as a mobile AP that way.

My router at home has been running on it for years now and I haven't had ANY trouble with it ever since I flashed it. (OK, I messed up the config once but I can't blame OpenWRT for that). I used to reboot it every two weeks or so with the stock firmware.


In less than an hour there will be #ilovefs day in my timezone and …

In less than an hour there will be #ilovefs day in my timezone and I haven't decided where my thanks will go to this year.

They already went to David F. Skoll for his 'remind', Roland Olbricht for developing the Overpass API in OpenStreetMap, Carsten Dominic and Bastien Guerry for maintaining org-mode

There are thousands of real people out there who are working hard and with fun to make all this happen. Most of them deserve a big thank you, but "thanks to all" doesn't really mean anything. It's really hard to choose.

But I still have some time… 🙂